Buy products and services from companies that support the same causes and charities as you do!

11 causes, 42 charities, and still going...

Generous World is a service that keeps track of donations businesses make to charities. This allows you, the consumer, to buy products and services from businesses that support the same great causes as you do. For example, if you love animals, buy products from a company that has donated to animal charities.

Why is this important?

This allows the business to continue to support great causes. The best way to help your cause is to either donate directly yourself or convince someone else to so. Since businesses generally have a lot more money to work with, their donations are quite valuable to charities and help to further your causes.

So how can you get started?

It’s easy. Simply search for products or services you are looking for by using the search box above, or browse the businesses, charities, causes, products, and services by using the sitemap below. When you find what you need, you would just purchase their products or services directly from their website as you normally would.

And of course, we always appreciate when consumers tell businesses where they heard about them and what made them purchase their products or services.