Why This

We started this service because we want to help charities get more donations while at the same time help businesses make more sales. We want to shine spotlight on donors, because they are truly the ones that fund everything.

Without donors, none of the charities would exist.

Consumers Rule the World

It's true. People can vote using their money. People attract other people with similar interests and passions. That's why it is super beneficial to connect consumers with businesses that have aligned interests and passions. All other factors being equal, most of us would rather shop at a business that supports our favorite charities.

How Can I Help? (As a Consumer)

It's easy. Just remember our website or bookmark it. Then whenever you want to buy something, search for that product or service on our website and purchase from the business that has supported your favorite charities and causes.

Can't find a business you're looking for on our website? No worries, that simply means they haven't registered and donated through our platform yet. That doesn't make them jerks or anything. The best thing you can do is contac them and recomment they join the cause, or purchase similar products or services from their competitors that are on our website.

How Can I Help? (As a Business)

The best way is to sign up for an account and start donating money to your favorite charities. If you don't have a favorite charity, you could always ask your website users which charities they like the most and donate to those.

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter which charity you donate to as long as you donate. Donating is much better than not donating at all. We mainly list charities that have a high score on Charity Navigator so you can be sure that the money is going to the right place.

How Can I Help? (As a Charity)

If you are one of the charities listed on our website, then the best way you can help is by spreading the word about us. Link to our website and encourage people to visit our website.

If you're a charity that is not yet listed on our website, but you want to be listed, you can contact us and we will determine if your charity is a great fit for our audience. In general, we prefer charities that are honest, transparent, and have a high Charity Navigator score. Periodically, we will also list new charities based on requests from our consumer- and business-users.