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Over the past 60 years the Cerebral Palsy Foundation (CPF) has grown into the largest non-government funder of cerebral palsy research in the United States. This was achieved through the work of the most renowned thinkers in science, research and medicine. But it was first imagined by dedicated, visionary parents who wanted to make a difference.

In 1949, Isabelle Weinstein Goldenson and her husband Leonard, then President of the United Paramount Theatres and ABC television, began to seek treatment for their daughter who had a recent diagnosis of cerebral palsy. They soon realized few specialists existed. Shocked by the lack of affordable and accessible quality care for individuals with cerebral palsy, Isabelle one day turned to Leonard and said, “Why don’t we look onto the possibility of helping others in this field?”

Isabelle’s utterance of this single sentence transformed the landscape of cerebral palsy forever and along with Jack Hausman, a prominent New York businessman and wife Ethel, founded United Cerebral Palsy.

Together, CPF continues to build on a legacy that has affected so many individual lives, working together to make important strides for the CP community. Our staff and Board continue to honor that legacy by trying to make a difference for others each day.

Source: yourcpf.org

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