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United Way Worldwide is an international umbrella organization that hosts thousands of non-profit organizations (often referred to as United Ways). It is the overarching organizational structure in charge of approximately 1,800 community-based United Ways in 45 countries and territories. Subdivisions include the United Way of America in the United States. Charities under the United Way structure organize volunteers and charitable donations to help local communities.

The United Way concept was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1887. In the mid 1900s local United Ways founded a national organization, later called United Way of America. In 1928, a Community Chest organization was established in Cape Town, South Africa — the first United Way outside North America.

By 1974, there were enough United Way organizations internationally to demand the kind of support provided by the national organization, United Way of America, and United Way International was born. Its staff spoke eight languages, with a Board of Directors from more than seven countries, working with member organizations in 45 countries and territories outside the US.

In May 2009, United Way of America and United Way International were integrated as one global entity, United Way Worldwide.

Source: Wikipedia

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