Are you a business owner or decision maker looking to grow your business while at the same time doing good for the world?

If your answer is yes, then continue reading.

How It Works

Donate to your favorite charity.
Step 1

Donate to your favorite charity.

Sign up and donate to your favorite charity. All donations are tax deductible and we’ll keep records of all of your donations throughout the year.

By donating to a charity, you are helping our society and the greater good of humanity.

When tax time comes around, you can print off all necessary documents for the IRS and know exactly how much you donated that year.

If you've already made donations outside of our platform, we can verify and add them to our platform. Donating directly through our platform is not available yet.

Make more sales.
Step 2

Place our code on your website.

We will give you a piece of JavaScript code to place on your website which will automatically update when you make donations.

This code will load our beautiful badge which shows the causes you support directly on your website for your customers to see.

Make more sales.
Step 3

Make more sales.

By having verified donation stats on your website, you are much more likely to make a sale when a potential customer sees your generosity.

But that’s not the only way you’ll increase your sales. We will also create a page for you on our website thus increasing your individual or business’ exposure.

For example, if you support fighting animal cruely by donating to organizations such as ASPCA, you are much more likely to get business from other ASPCA supporters.

Who Benefits?

Charities Benefit

Charities get more donations.

Charities benefit by getting more donations from businesses that support their cause. Businesses are not limited to any specific cause so they can donate to as many charities as they want.

Your Business Benefits

Your business makes more sales.

Your business gets more exposure and it increases the likelihood of your potential customers buying your products or services when they see your generosity through verified donations.

Consumers Benefit

Consumers support their causes.

Consumers support their causes indirectly by purchasing products and services from businesses that support similar causes.

How Much Does It Cost?

We want to enable individuals and businesses to donate as much as possible while at the same time increasing their sales and reputation by showing the world how generous they are. That is why we try to keep our pricing as low as we can.

Our plans are structured around the size of your business which allows even the smallest of businesses to use our service.


A plan that allows you to donate on behalf of yourself.
Per Month
Per Year

Small Business

If your business plans to donate up to $2,500 per year.
Per Month
Per Year

Medium Business

If your business plans to donate up to $10,000 per year.
Per Month
Per Year

Large Business

If your business plans to donate over $10,000 per year.
Per Month
Per Year

Membership Perks

Website Badge

Show your generosity to the world by proudly displaying the Generous World badge on your website. The badge will show the most recent three causes you support including detailed information about them.

Website Profile

We will automatically create a public profile on our website for you that you can edit. It will include your name or business name, profile picture or business logo, description and a link back to your website.

Donation Records

You will have access to all of your donation records in one place on our website when you use our service to donate to your favorite charities. Less things to keep track of allows you more time to do other things.

Donation Management

Manage your company's donations easily in one place. Even if you prefer not to use our platform to make donations, you can still get your external donations verified by us to take advantage of all the great features we offer.

Ready To Get Started?

The sooner you sign up and start making donations, the sooner you can gain exposure and benefits of the good you do. Sign up now and start donating today!

Display Our Beautiful Badge on Your Website

We don't want your generosity to go unnoticed. That's why we created a beautiful badge that allows you to showcase your generosity to the world.

Simply copy and paste the JavaScript snippet we generate for you to your website and the badge will automatically load and populate with charities you support.