For Consumers

How does Generous World work?

Step 1: Businesses donate money to charities using our platform.

Step 2: Charities get more donations.

Step 3: Consumers purchase products or services through businesses that support the same great causes that they do.

How can I help as a consumer?

It’s easy. Simply search for products or services you are looking for by using the search box on the homepage, or browse the businesses, charities, causes, products, and services by using the sitemap below. When you find what you need, you would just purchase their products or services directly from their website as you normally would.

This means those businesses will earn more money, which in turn means they are much more likely to donate more of that money to your favorite charities or causes.

If you tell the business you purchased from that your made a purchase due to their charitable donations on Generous World platform, that will help everyone and keep the generous wheel going forever.